Monday, January 4, 2010

Just one more reason...

People are always asking me why we’ve chosen to homeschool our kids, and my reply is usually “Well, how long do you have?”  This is just because our reasons are plentiful, and seem to multiply often.

Today, a friend of mine who is a school teacher posted his facebook status as “Teacher records day today.  Teaching is so much better without the students.”  That struck me as incredibly sad.  Not to say that every day of homeschooling is all sweetness and light, but without my four students, teaching would be pointless.  I think that most homeschoolers know or know of at least one public school teacher who really is that "great" teacher - the one who really cares about the students and is excited about teaching and the whole learning process.  Essentially the teacher we want to be.  The reality is, though, that teachers like that are few and far between.  

I may fail some days...even many being the kind of teacher I want my kids to have as a guide through their educational years.  But I hold onto the hope that any failure is my fault and mine alone.  So add this to my list of reasons:
"While I may fail at it some times, or even many times, at least I am not entrusting my children's learning to people who not only don't care about teaching, but actually dislike doing so."