Sunday, December 5, 2010

Great Giveaway

I love free things!  Happily Domestic is giving away a free Nutrimill grain mill on their blog.

We have this grain mill at our local "co-op" for member use.  You have to pay a one-time fee for use, and get trained to use it.  It's a great mill, very simple to use.  But my biggest problem is REMEMBERING to take my grain to grind it on co-op days!!!  Having one of these at home, so I could freshly grind my grain every time I wanted to make something would be so awesome.  I hope I win!

But in case I don't, you should enter too, for a chance to win.   Click on the picture above or click this link to enter.  There are LOTS of entries to gain in various ways, so get going!

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