Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TOS Review: Lifeway Christian Stores - Holman Illustrated Bible

One of our homeschool goals for this year is to read (out loud) through the entire Bible.  I read several chapters aloud to the kids every day.  But when your audience is little kids, sometimes you need a little help explaining what they're listening to.  That's where the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids comes in.  What a great resource!

If you're anything like me, this book will not only be a valuable tool for your kids, but a fascinating book for you!  I enjoyed this book as much as the kids did.  It is chock-full of simple, easy-to-understand definitions and explanations.  But it's also full of beautiful pictures, amazing facts and captivating facts.  For instance, we recently read through Joshua, where it describes the different tribes of Israel taking over different parts of the Promised Land.  Even my very thorough study Bible has a small map that shows where the different tribes settled in the land, but the Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids has a really cool map that clearly outlines the way the land was divided.
Division of Promised Land between tribes of Israel
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You can take a peek at all the goodies by checking out this free sample.  This is a resource that is well-worth the inch of shelf space that it takes up (well, actually, it's worth a lot more than that!).  The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids is available from Lifeway Christian Stores for only $14.99 (a fantastic bargain, in my book!).  It's an excellent tool to have with you as you help your kids explore the wonders of the Bible.  You might learn something new, too!

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Disclaimer: As a member of the 2010-2011 TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids in exchange for my fair, honest and unbiased review. No other compensation was received.

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