Friday, September 10, 2010

Have WE got an offer for YOU!

Have you ever been tempted by one of those late-night infomercials?  The product just performs so well, and you cave.  2 payments of $29.95 later, you hold in your hand the magical gizmo that promise to make life, and work, easier.  More often than not, whatever has been promised does not quite deliver, or live up to the expectations that have been built up in you.

I must confess that I've purchased my fair share (or perhaps several people's fair share) of these products.  In fact, just last week I hauled one such old purchase to Goodwill, after it had been sitting in the box for over 4 years, untouched.  We did get it out initially, put it together and use it diligently for about 2 months.  That "Ab-Doer" turned out to be nothing more than a chair with a flexible back.  My kids' desk chairs perform about the same function, and at $50 each, they also function well as a desk chair.  My abs?  Still flabby.  My bank account is $100+ leaner though, thanks to my impulsiveness and naiveté.

Perhaps this is a poor analogy for a product that does deliver, but I couldn't help but think of the late-night infomercials when I started looking through The Old Schoolhouse's 2010 Planner.  That's because every time I thought that the planner had truly managed to incorporate everything a homeschooling mom would possibly need to have a well-ordered school year, I'd come across even more resources and think "But wait! There's more!!!"

Honestly, this is clearly misnamed.  They shouldn't call this a planner.  To quote my bosom friend Anne Shirley, "There's no meaning in a name like that."  They ought to call it "The Old Schoolhouse's Amazing Compendium of Resources for a Practical, Purposeful and Peaceful School Year."  So, here's my own, realistic, from-experience middle-of-the-day blogmercial for this fantastic product.

The Amazing Compendium of Resources for a Practical, Purposeful and Peaceful School Year

Are you overwhelmed and frazzled?  Does your school room look like this?
Or this?
Do you need help getting your thoughts, your time, your school work and your life organized?  Are you wondering "What's for dinner?" or "How do I keep track of the books we're reading?"  Maybe you're in need of a handy place to store the information your kids are supposed to be memorizing.  Perhaps you just need a good, encouraging article to start out each month.

Well, have WE got an offer for YOU!!!

The Old Schoolhouse 2010 Planner is just the resource you've been looking for.  The 614 pages are a homeschooling parent's dream, with everything you need to make your school year successful.  Each month's 12-20 pages of information put uplifting articles, helpful tips, links to resources and great ideas right at your fingertips.  But that's just the beginning!  There are learning ideas for each month, and pages of monthly recipes to make even dinner time quick, easy and delicious, as well as a learning opportunity for teaching kids to cook!

But that's just the BEGINNING!!!

There are loads more resources, too numerous to name them all!  Not only does the Planner have calendars, but it has interactive calendars!  Frustrated with all the illegible markings all over your calendar?  TOS Planner allows you to input information from the computer, neatly into your calendar before you print it out.  There are plenty of other interactive forms, including Curriculum Recording Sheets, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semester and Yearly Goal sheets,  To-Do Lists, Progress Reports, even customizable interactive forms for you to make your very own.


There are journal pages, preschool activities, handwriting practice, book report forms, and so much more.  

Okay, you say, I'm sold.  How much am I going to have to shell out for this amazing resource?  Well, right now, you can purchase the e-book version of this incredible product for only $39.00!

Not sure you want the e-book?  TOS also offers The Planner on CD for only $44!

Don't wait another day to turn your household into a well-oiled machine!  Get yours now!

Disclaimer: As a member of the 2010-2011 TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of the TOS 2010 Planner in exchange for this review to help sell the product. No other compensation was received.

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